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I’ve already raved about St. Vincent elsewhere on this blog, and today I came across her playing an instore in Dallas, where she does an acoustic version of ‘Cruel’. While I like the album version, this little video has me asking around about singing lessons & wishing I was home so I could fart about with my guitar:

(Via Gorilla Vs. Bear)


Bad Bad Not Good from Toronto have arlready released a couple of jazzed-up versions of Odd Future songs & other classic Hip Hop cuts through their Twitter & bandcamp accounts, and here they dove in the studio with Tyler himself to lay down a jazzy jam of two of Tyler’s songs off ‘Goblin’, Fish & Seven:

(via Abeano)

Damn, every time this song comes by on the radio for some reason I think it’s a new Róisín Murphy cut with Matthew Herbert…
Ro, could you consider doing this song? Because I think that while isn’t doing a bad job, you would do rock the mofo out of this tune:

Mr. Scruff is an English dj who has some of the funnest compilations around. Apparently he now also has his own teas. But I will always thank him for giving me Gary Bartz’s ‘Celestial Blues’, a sexy, smoldering piece with a bass line that lingers till long after the last notes have died away. I used to play this song at the start of my dj sets, to get me in the mood. Now I’m leaving you with it, wishing you good night, god bless, and one love…

On queensday this year, me and my buddy K spent most of the day away from all the crazy celebrations. We sat on a terrace drinking whitebeers, and moved off to a bring-your-own-food bbq at the Singers Sweat Shop, where we went hungry because we had no food to bring, K found a pair of excellent shiny bronze skinnies and there was beer a plenty. AS we were sitting outside, at one point the dj started playing a song that pricked our ears and had me rushing upstairs to the dj, who told me with a faint snigger that he was playing Julio Bashmore’s ‘Grand National’. Me & K whinnied, had some more beer and were happy…

K, this one’s for you!

Hurray! The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble are releasing a new album! And to celebrate it they’ve had this Fassbender-like video mad about the destructive aspects of excess… All I can say is that even if the sky falls down at the end I wish I’d been at that party….
(Just watch the video. You’ll love it, too)

Is it a vocoder? Is it Autotune? Is it both?

I don’t really care, because for the first time the use of this technique makes my heart bleed… Heaven is James Blake & Bon Iver together in a studio, as they so aptly demonstrate on Fall Creek Boys Choir:

I would appear to have a predisposition towards dreamy, flowy pop, with lots of synths and a drumcomputer. Who knew that growing up in the eighties would have such a profound effect on my taste in music? But then this summer has been full of some amazing flowy, dreamy, synthy pop songs… Destroyer, Washed Out, Dirty Gold, Active Child, and now St. Vincent can join those ranks.
Whatever hipsters might say (and they are so 2009) 2011 is the year of the eighties…

(via We Are Hunted)

Omar has been rocking the dancefloor for a couple of decades, now. Classics like ‘It’s So,’ ‘There’s Nothing Like This’ and ‘Ghana Emotion’ will have me running to the dancefloor every damn time, no matter how much my feet hurt or what the occassion is. ‘Dancing’, a track he recorded with Zed Bias, is another one of those bangers that hits me in the hips every time I hear it, and it’s definitely my anthem of 2011…

As all music lovers do, I went through a lot of phases. From Linda Ronstadt & The Judds through to Fairground Attraction & a Motown obsession that lasted all of two Best Of Soul compilations & an Aretha Franklin cd, a lot of bad pop music (Ace of Base, anyone?), Portishead & Moloko, Pearl Jam & Nirvana, Jimi & Janis, Radiohead & dEUS, Billie & Dizzie. I didn’t get into Hip Hop until much much later, and in the beginning it wasn’t anything but something I could shake my ass to.

Until I got a free Gilles Peterson cd with a magazine.

With Cinematic Orchestra & Roots Manuva’s ‘All Things To All Men’, I finally heard the poetry. It touched me in a way that changed my opinion about music and let me see that Hip Hop is this an art. I heard the beauty. I was reminded of it again this week when I started writing this blog.
And I wanted to end the day with this song.

Good night, god bless, one love.