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Late in the afternoons, it’s easy to distract me. I’m usually a bit tired, and a little hungry, and never really want to start on new things because I won’t be able to finish them before I have to leave work. So if I have my Tweetdeck on, and a link pops up in the right hand bottom corner of my screen in which a respected journalist (or at least, one of those I enjoy having a beer with) says there should be no end to the superlatives to describe a certain video, I pay attention. (acutally, I think to myself, ‘why the hell not? I still have twenty minutes till my next bus, let’s give it a try’)

I’m really glad I still had twenty minutes. Because that made it possible to write this post and watch the video twice.

Via Erik Zwennes


They’d already made a bit of a stir last year with ‘You Know You Like It’, but this retro nineties r’n’b outfit AlunaGeorge are hitting back with ‘Just A Touch’, a lovely bounce-heavy track that is begging for a dub remix…

via Focus