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Flying Lotus… I remember the first time I heard ‘Tea Leaf Dancers’ with its heavy basses and wobbly synths. I was stunned, and overwhelmed, and working in a record store. I loved that record store, and I loved that record, and I loved what Fly Lo was doing with his beats. I still do, even though he lost me with Cosmogramma a bit…

The short film by Cyriak Harris about what happens when a robot gets hungry also happens to feature the song ‘Putty Boy Strut’ from Fly Lo’s upcoming album Until The Quiet Comes, out on October 1/2:

Via Nine Licks


Posted without comment: a 15-minute documentary on Theo Parrish and the importance of vinyl:

(where he’ll be playing a set on October 13th)

Thanks, Manga!

Sometimes, songs are so good they hurt. And nine times out of ten, Theo Parrish will have had something to do with that. All right, seven out of ten. But the man knows his shit, and he certainly knew what he was doing when he hooked up with sultry London Soul singer Andrew Ashong, creating this pulsating (and yes, I mean that in a throbbing tumescent kind of way) summer jam that should have been on repeat on my headphones for the past few months, were it not that I hadn’t heard it till today. I should seriously learn to keep in touch…

For all your listening pleasure, here is 8:58 minutes full of sexy house as sexy house should be: it makes you want to rub genitals with a sexy lover on the dancefloor from now until eternity: