I’ve had this song scheduled, or at least stuck in draft mode, for almost a year. And it really deserves better than that.
I think it was my friend M. who first tipped me on this one, and I fully understand what drove her to this song.

All women of all ages can identify with the lyrics about unattainable love (or lust), even if some take the idea to heart a little bit more than they should. At some time in life we’ve all been completely infatuated with that guy that won’t give us the time of day. And no, I don’t encourage men to use this tactic as a way to get chicks, but there is something crazily attractive about men who don’t pay us any attention, no matter how hard we flip our hair back and forth or twerk on the bathroom sink.

I think that’s what makes this song so great; Giselle’s lazy vocals emulate the attention she’s not getting. She’s taking the uber-nonchalant approach even though she’s burning up inside. A tactic that all women like to deploy but utterly fail at. Giselle shows us how it’s done like a pro. So I guess if you ever have that megacrush on the unobtainable guy on the dance floor, this is the song to request from the dj while you give him the slightest of nods.

Let’s hope he’s not a douche and shimmies over to you, no questions asked.