Granted, this song was released last year. And yes, I played it on repeat while on holiday in Italy and drove my then-boyfriend to near distraction, but I couldn’t help myself. There’s something infinitely catchy about this track. I think it helps that it’s as near to an a-capella song as it can get, with just minimal percussion and a smidgen of piano on the chorus.

As all teenaged angst-ridden girls are supposed to be, I’ve been a fan of Fiona since I was seventeen. I’ve never waxed lyrical about her, though, even if I can still sing along to every song on her album ‘When The Pawn…‘ And there is something about her, or maybe about her fandom, that puts her slightly on the other side of what is supposedly cool. Does that mean that liking her is ironic? I can never keep up with these damn hipsters…

Anyway, her former boyfriend Paul Thomas Anderson of Boogie Nights, There Will Be Blood and The Master fame finally managed to finish the video for the ultimate fetchy song. And it’s almost boring. But I love it anyway: 

via Pitchfork