When Gilles Peterson, my musical hero whose radio show I don’t listen to enough, tipped this Australian group last year and it was one of the few times I was actually paying attention, I ran over to their bandcamp page and pressed play. And when the album was finished, I pressed play again and started to look for a vinyl version of their debut ‘Tawk Tomahawk’. I couldn’t find one, or a CD version for that matter, but in the meantime I warned all my friends who is anyone in the music business that they should be on this like a sumo wrestler on a cheesecake with extra cheese. So I was a little disappointed to find out that they already knew this exceptional group, and that I was late to the party. But not very sorry, because even though I can be snobbish about my music tastes and pat myself on the back every time I hear something before everybody else does, I was simply happy to hear something that moved me in the way that ‘Nakamarra’ does. Or ‘Malika’, for that matter.

I was at North Sea Festival on the 12th, where I missed Larry Graham and Prince and skipped Santana to go and watch Hiatus. And I loved them. They were amazingly fresh and chaotic and together and free.

I think that’s what gets me about their sound; it sounds like ultimate freedom. Freedom from the constraints of the 4/4, musical influences, critics and labels. Free from conventions and the past.

All they seem to hold on to is their dreams. And it makes them soar.

via my hero.