About two months ago I decided to buy a ukelele and take it with me to Oerol, a theatre festival on Terschelling, one of the islands in the north of The Netherlands. I had recently gone through a break-up and it seemed better to get away for a bit and learn a new instrument rather than get an ill-advised haircut. And the uke seemed to have an inherent sense of humour that could balance out my more melancholy moods. I had daydreams of how I would play cute quirky songs while sitting around a campfire on the beach and drink wine and be admired by all. Of course it turned out I barely had any time to play anything, as the shifts for the work I came to do were long and on one of my days off I had to take my car to the garage. So ‘Tonight You Belong To Me’ became the one and only song I can play. Well, kind of.

It sounds so sweet it’ll crack your teeth, but ultimately it’s about cheating, or at least encouraging cheating in someone else. And while this is something I would never encourage in real life, I love the naughtiness. It’s more mischievous than anything, and something that I wish I had the balls to say to someone one day. But then my principles kick in and I realise that adultery is bad. Very very bad.

There are a number of versions of this song floating around, but this one by Eddie Vedder and Cat Power is my favourite. Just a note of warning: this song will nestle itself in between your ears and never ever leave. So unless you want to spend the rest of the week humming about moonshine and sitting by streams with somebody else’s lover, I’d step away from the play button:

via The Jumping Flea Market