I tried to come up with a few good ways to introduce Childish Gambino’s new song ‘Centipede’.

I tried the ‘Community’ angle. That I was sad that we would see less of Troy on the upcoming season because Donald Glover (not related) decided to spend more time making music, but not very sad because ‘Centipede’ is a pretty good promise of cool things to come.

I briefly attempted the approach where I tried to understand Gambino’s point of view on growing up in middle class Black America that he described on his 2012 album Camp through the stories of some of my friends. But I thankfully and very quickly realised that I would never be able to describe their experiences in a satisfactory fashion. Not because I was not paying attention, but because I don’t think I would be able to describe the subtleties of growing up as an educated Black man and would sound racist and / or priggish. I would not be able to do these fantastic, amazing men justice.

So then there’s always the gushing approach. I could tell you how much I love Gambino’s flow, which is oddly syncopated and rough and shouty and seems to be a wall around his fragile, much-bullied, ignored and fractured ego. I could talk about his amazing sense of humour that shines through on every line. I could say he’s the coolest thing in Hip Hop right now, but that might be a tad hyperbolic.

Or I could take the uber-cool approach and just say something like ‘Yo, this is dope, check it out’. But that seems too lazy, and not something I want to be doing at all. Plus, it defies the purpose of writing a blog post. Then all I would have to do is post a youtube clip or soundlcoud link and move on to other things for the rest of the day. MY WordPress would have to be replaced with a tumblr.

So how about I just let you take your own view on what Childish Gambino is. Because he is beyond description to me:

via Tiny Little Rockets