I work as a music promoter. Which means that all day I listen to, talk about, tweet, facebook, research, tumblr, phone, email, and sometimes fax about music. My job partly entails to generally (and genuinely) try to keep an eye on what’s what.

And that’s pretty hard.

There is so much out there. I have to know who’s releasing a new album, who they’re recording with and which producer they hired. I need to know who won what award and who interrupted their acceptance speech. It is imperative that I know which legendary band is reforming for a reunion tour. I have to know which new artist is setting the blogospheres on fire and I need to know who their influences and inspirations are, and who they sound like.

In the process I end up listening to so much music and reading so many music magazines and blogs that I lose track of what I like. That’s what this blog is for. It’s my music diary, so I don’t have to remember what that great track was that I listened to on that blog the other day. Or when my friends tell me about this one tune I really should listen to, I won’t forget about them.

If you’re here reading this, and you enjoy the music I post, please leave a comment and tell me why. And if you feel bold, recommend something. Because even if we’re not in a record store sharing a beer and a pizza talking face to face about music, sharing music is half the fun of listening to it.

One love,