I have been away too long. About seven months, it would seem. Let’s just say that life got in the way.
I shall do my best to remedy that from now on.


Elizabeth Shepherd… I was reminded of her recently when I discovered her new album is coming out in Europe on October 22nd, and that we’re doing her promo in the Benelux. I first heard her on an EP, on which she sings her version of Miles Davis’ ‘Four’. A few weeks later, my brother showed me this clip, featuring the JazzCotech Dancers from London (one of which was his dance instructors) and I was sold…
I went out o buy myself a pair of two-tones the next day. Still haven’t learned to dance this free, though…

May the Jazz infect you as much as it did me:

Flying Lotus… I remember the first time I heard ‘Tea Leaf Dancers’ with its heavy basses and wobbly synths. I was stunned, and overwhelmed, and working in a record store. I loved that record store, and I loved that record, and I loved what Fly Lo was doing with his beats. I still do, even though he lost me with Cosmogramma a bit…

The short film by Cyriak Harris about what happens when a robot gets hungry also happens to feature the song ‘Putty Boy Strut’ from Fly Lo’s upcoming album Until The Quiet Comes, out on October 1/2:

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Posted without comment: a 15-minute documentary on Theo Parrish and the importance of vinyl:

(where he’ll be playing a set on October 13th)

Thanks, Manga!

Sometimes, songs are so good they hurt. And nine times out of ten, Theo Parrish will have had something to do with that. All right, seven out of ten. But the man knows his shit, and he certainly knew what he was doing when he hooked up with sultry London Soul singer Andrew Ashong, creating this pulsating (and yes, I mean that in a throbbing tumescent kind of way) summer jam that should have been on repeat on my headphones for the past few months, were it not that I hadn’t heard it till today. I should seriously learn to keep in touch…

For all your listening pleasure, here is 8:58 minutes full of sexy house as sexy house should be: it makes you want to rub genitals with a sexy lover on the dancefloor from now until eternity:


Ever since the advent of Cold Specks, a new form of dark soul – or doom soul, as she likes to put it – has sparked my interest, and the latest one I found was Mirel Wagner. This Ethiopean born – Finland raised singer has been around for a while; her album ‘Bon Voyage’ came out in October last year, and I hope to hear more from this dark and broody monster.

‘To The Bone’ opens the album, and is actually one of the first songs she ever wrote. It has all the elements of a perfect David Lynch soundtrack: dark discomforting lyrics, a broody voice, minimal guitar and images that look like they were shot by a psychopath:

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First commenter on Youtube kind of sums it up for this simple, intimate, beautiful James Blake cover by London based Kwabena Adjepong a.k.a. Kwabs :

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Sometimes bucketloads of talent comes in small packages, like in the case of 16-year old Marcel Everett from Orlando, Florida, better known as XXYYXX. His slow motion post-dubstep is as pretty as his name speaks of harmony. Check out the somwhat disturbing video here:

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There’s a new Red, Hot + Fela coming up, a tribute album to the late, great Fela Kuti, the profits of which will help to fight AIDS. I remember the first ever Red+Hot compilation, on which a great number of amazing artists gave their own twist to Cole Porter songs. It was one of my favourite records, and in a way, it still is. The first few notes of The Pogues feat. Kirsty MacColl playing ‘Miss Otis Regrets / Just One Of Those Things’ can transport me back to when I was a little girl, belting along to the songs while cycling home from school, not really knowing what the song was about but being able to guess it was something slightly sordid… AIDS was still a very scary thing back then, mainly because we didin’t really know what it was or how you could catch it. You just knew that if you got it, if you tested positive, you would die.
Thanks to organizations like the Red Hot Organization we’ve come a long way in fighting AIDS. But even though we might have won a great number of battles against the disease, it’s still spreading and causing a great many families to be torn apart. So if you can, when the album RED HOT+FELA comes out later this year, you can do your part and buyt it. Either on iTunes, or on Spotify, or the actual physical product. Because it’s not just a great cause, it’s also amazing music.

Listen to tUnE-yArDs, Angelique Kidjo, ?uestlove and Akua Naru giving us their rendition of one my favourite Fela Songs, ‘Lady’:

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Late in the afternoons, it’s easy to distract me. I’m usually a bit tired, and a little hungry, and never really want to start on new things because I won’t be able to finish them before I have to leave work. So if I have my Tweetdeck on, and a link pops up in the right hand bottom corner of my screen in which a respected journalist (or at least, one of those I enjoy having a beer with) says there should be no end to the superlatives to describe a certain video, I pay attention. (acutally, I think to myself, ‘why the hell not? I still have twenty minutes till my next bus, let’s give it a try’)

I’m really glad I still had twenty minutes. Because that made it possible to write this post and watch the video twice.

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